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Getting ready for 2018 Farm Bill
Rural Kansans have unique opportunity
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Regardless of where on the political spectrum you sit, in Kansas, the 2018 Farm Bill is going to have an impact on your life. And while Congress won’t begin writing the bill for another year, legislators will have their ears open, gauging their constituents needs and desires, and will begin determining what their positions are going to be on the big issues.
It’s important for those of us who live in rural areas to stay on top of developments and make our voices heard. In this area, we are well represented and wield some power among voters throughout the United States, so it would be unfortunate if we don’t exercise that power. With Senator Pat Roberts as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry; Senator Jerry Moran on the Senate Committee on Appropriation, and Rep. Roger Marshall on the House Committee on Agriculture, we have three direct lines to the people who will write the rules. They need to hear from their constituents, and that’s all of us.
But in order to send effective messages, we need to stay on top of what the issues are. This newspaper is one good source of information. Other good sources are these legislator’s official websites, where you can sign up for updates and find out about town hall meetings, and you can also follow them on facebook and Twitter to see what they are saying in a timely manner. Visit their sites, like them, and on facebook, be sure to click “see first” on the “following” drop down menu.
There is more to being politically active than simply spectating and passing on memes on social media. It requires constituents to take part by being informed and sharing their opinions directly with their elected officials.