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Give the workers a break
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They aren’t trying to stop a war.
They aren’t trying to make sure that poor people can legally go to the polls.
They are unhappy that they owe too much money in a system where other people get filthy rich when you CHOOSE to borrow their money and live off it to get stuff you can’t afford.
So what do the current trend in protestors do? What did they do this week? Make sure other working class Americans get to feel the pain.
Here is what happened in California this week, according to the Associated Press:
“The nearly 5-hour protest at the Port of Oakland, the nation’s fifth-busiest shipping port, was intended to highlight a day long ‘general strike’ in the city, which prompted solidarity rallies in New York, Los Angeles and other cities across the nation.
“The demonstrations in Oakland were largely peaceful and police said there were no arrests.
“Police estimated that a crowd of about 3,000 had gathered at the port at the height of the demonstration around dusk. Some had marched from the city’s downtown, while others had been bused to the port.
“The crowd disrupted operations by overwhelming the area with people and blocking exits with chain-link fencing and illegally parked vehicles. The demonstrators also erected fences to block main streets to the port. No trucks were allowed into or out of the area.
“Port spokesman Isaac Kos-Read said evening operations had been ‘effectively shut down.’
“And later port officials released a statement saying that maritime activity would be cancelled indefinitely, but they hoped to resume the work day Thursday. ‘Continued missed shifts represent economic hardship for maritime workers, truckers, and their families, as well as lost jobs and lost tax revenue for our region.’
“Hours after the rally began, the crowd began to dwindle and a voice on a bullhorn declared a victory for the movement, saying, ‘The port has been shut down. Let’s head back to the plaza.’”
A voice on a bullhorn, talking to protestors who still are just interested in shutting down an operation.
And the ones who foot the bill, the ones who get hurt, the ones who pay overtime for the city services needed to clean up the messes, to put cops on the street, to man emergency rooms — the ones who foot the bill for it all are the very workers who are NOT protesting, who are just trying to get in another day’s work so they can support their families.
They are the ones who are NOT being helped, who have, in fact, been over looked by these protestors. They are just supposed to go to work, to pay their taxes and to fund the whole panty raid.
So, what happens when the real workers finally get fed up?
— Chuck Smith