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Good Samaritans deserving heroes
Angels among us
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If you’ve ever wondered about God’s presence, just visit with Jason Friesen.
Friesen is the licensed professional nurse from Larned State Hospital who was prepared to die after being stranded for four hours on a Stafford County roadside following a traffic accident Jan. 6.
It was cold and dark, and wind chills reached 25 degrees below zero Jan. 6.
Thanks to a pair of Good Samaritans, Friesen was rescued from death’s door.
It wasn’t Friesen’s time to die. God decided Friesen still has lessons to teach his two teenage children.
Friesen would not have survived life-threatening wind chill temperatures without the help of John Murphy, an alert surgical technologist from Great Bend Regional Hospital; and Cheri Chance, a registered nurse from Pawnee Valley Community Hospital.
Four hours after Friesen’s accident, Nickerson’s Murphy trusted his instincts when he turned his vehicle around after he saw a vehicle off the road and debris near the roadside.
“It didn’t feel like something was right,” Murphy said.
Murphy’s intuition proved accurate when Friesen was rescued from a nearby ditch.
Chance of Hutchinson had slowed her vehicle when she saw the flashing headlights of Murphy’s oncoming vehicle.
“It was a gut instinct that I stopped,” Chance said.
Friesen showed the spirit and mental toughness of a survivor.
“That’s a miracle that he held out for four hours,” Murphy said.
Murphy and Chance exhibited the life-saving skills they practice every day of their lives.
I prefer to believe that God’s hand was directing Murphy and Chance on that early morning.
Yes, there are truly angels among us.

Jim Misunas