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Governor will face a challenge
Incumbents pass first test
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To say the Republican Party has gone south in Kansas is like saying it’s hot during the summer.
You’d be stating the obvious.
The winding road of the Republican Party is being watched closely, especially nationally. Governor Sam Brownback, Senator Pat Roberts and Rep. Tim Huelskamp are just three of the incumbents that everyone will be watching in November.
Brownback, Roberts and Huelskamp all safely survived their Republican challengers.
Challenger Milton Wolf did a good job testing veteran Roberts in the First District, but he fell short with 41 percent of the vote.
Wolf made excellent points of how rarely Roberts returns to Kansas. Wolf’s own skeletons on the Internet did him in.
A serious challenger other than Alan LaPolice, a former school superintendent, could’ve pushed Huelskamp, who is much better in person than seeing him on TV.  Give Huelskamp credit. He sticks to his message, which resonates with voters, who gave him 55 percent of the ballots.
November is when it will get interesting for Brownback.
Governor Brownback didn’t have a serious test against Jennifer Winn, but 37 percent of Republicans basically voted against Brownback. Democrat Paul Davis will get Brownback’s attention.
Davis is a good bet to unseat Brownback, who is in trouble. Even true conservatives are surprised by how far Brownback has pushed his agenda.

Jim Misunas