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Here's what we know
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Here’s what we know as of the moment ...
Isn’t that what we are constantly being told by the talking heads on the tube?
Here’s what we know ...
This past week, they were all pontificating on the Joe Paterno scandal, on the objectification of another juvenile, of the molestation of another little boy.
Well, here’s what we know ... a lot of young, and perhaps not-so-young, people around Penn State reacted to the firing of the “winningest coach in major college football history” by taking to the streets.
Sort of like the protesters we’ve been hearing about for weeks.
They took matters into their own hands.
They destroyed property — other people’s property — in order to make a point, as the Associated Press reported.
“As word of the firings spread, thousands of students flocked to the administration building, shouting, ‘We want Joe back!’ and ‘One more game!’
“They then headed downtown to Beaver Avenue, where about 100 police wearing helmets and carrying pepper spray were on standby.
“Witnesses said some rocks and bottles were thrown, a lamppost was toppled and a news van was knocked over, its windows kicked out.
“State College police said early Thursday they were still gathering information on any possible arrests.”
But here’s what we know — there is a lot of pathetic lack of law enforcement these days.
There has been a pathetic lack of law enforcement throughout the recent protests and camp-ins as people who are just buttering their own slice of bread take over public property and abuse it for their own amusement.
There was a scandalous and tragic lack of law enforcement in reaction to the realization that a little boy had been physically abused by a college sports official at Penn State.
And there was an incredible lack of law enforcement to protect the property that was damaged in the streets around Penn State on Wednesday night.
Here’s what we know — you can love Penn State football.
You can absolutely worship Joe Paterno.
You can turn a blind eye to the continued objectification of children in this sorry excuse for a culture in which we live.
And you can even agree that other people have no right to expect that their property is safe in our nation today.
If you happen to get in the way of the next public expression of angst, just expect your property and, let’s face it, your very life, to be fair game.
Anyone remember Reginald Denny?
Few do, today.
Denny was the white truck drive who made the mistake of NOT driving through a riot in Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdicts were announced.
When the white officers were acquitted, the streets erupted in violence and Denny, 33, would could have driven through the crowd, stopped, like any decent person would have done.
And for his decency, he was dragged from his vehicle and almost killed. He has lived through years of therapy, but his speech and walking were permanently damaged.
Those involved in the attacks — and who have not themselves been killed in urban violence since then — continue to argue that they were just caught up in events.
Here’s what we know: We either have law enforcement or we do not.
— Chuck Smith