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Hoisington Lincoln School: Time for an upgrade
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In Hoisington, USD 431 School Board is considering several options for upgrading Lincoln School, which was built in 1920s. It is the oldest school in the district and houses third and fourth graders.
The options range from remodel to replacement and rearrangement of the grades. The school board still needs to decide  on a plan, and they desire input from the community.
The district plans to make up to 10 million dollars in upgrades with no increase in mill levy, which has dropped 8.5 mills since 2006.
The 10 million could include a new school, replacing Lincoln.
To manage this, they would refinance the bonds and add to the length of them.
Time is tight because of laws governing refinancing of school bonds, school funding issues, and general election time lines.
There are several reasons for needing new facilities. The district has seen increased enrollment by 20 percent since 2006, and they have simply run out of space.
Tearing down buildings just because they are old is not always a good idea, but learning standards and technology have changed so much in the last 85 years that the current Lincoln School is too small. This causes a lot of jostling to meet the needs of special education, computer and internet use, and safety, and there is no front office to monitor entries and exits from the building. The boiler is nearing the end of its useful life, and the district also faces needed electrical and plumbing upgrades.
A yes vote from Hoisington residents would provide a more comfortable learning environment for students. While students are receiving a good education and will continue to receive a good education, a new school would more than meet the needs of today’s students and tomorrow’s for the next 20 years.