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Hunting bear with a loaded zucchini
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Montana where men are men, women are women and bears are nervous — or something like that.
It was in Frenchtown, Mont. this week that an unnamed woman made national news when she used a zucchini to put the smack on a 200-pound bear that attacked one of her dogs.
She’s lucky she was in Montana.
That could get you arrested in California.
Apparently, according to the Associated Press report on this incident, it was shortly after midnight when the bear entered the woman’s back porch and rumbled with her dog.
The woman “reached for the nearest object at hand on the porch’s railing — a large zucchini that she had harvested from her garden” and waded in.
Poor bear.
She pelted the bear with the zucchini and it took off.
Bears are omnivorous, so she’s lucky he didn’t just chow down on the zucchini, the dog and her.
What’s really sad is, the game officials were trying to find the bear this week.
That should be easy.
Just see which of them shy away when you show them a zucchini.
It’s great that this one turned out with the woman, her dog and the bear not getting hurt, but as we continue to introduce human habitation into wildlife areas, we will continue to see more of this.
That’s why it’s so important that the people learn to tend to trash, not leave out pet food, and take other precautions to make their property as unappetizing as possible.
It won’t always end so well.
— Chuck Smith