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Immunizations are important
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It is extremely important to immunize children. Diseases that once were practically eradicated have been making a comeback.
The Barton County Health department is warning of an outbreak of whooping cough, which can be lethal in young children or babies. Whooping cough initially resembles an ordinary cold, but can turn more serious, particularly for infants.
It is spread through coughing or sneezing and is highly contagious.
Adults should also be vaccinated to prevent spreading the disease to children and grandchildren.
Rumors spread a number of years ago that vaccines could cause disabilities. Still, bad publicity occurs particularly among  celebrity’s who claim their child’s disabilities were caused by vaccines.
One doctor who made those erroneous claims, Andrew Wakefield, has been exposed as a fraud and his work has never been replicated. He also has had his medical license revoked in his home country. In January 2012, TIME Magazine named Wakefield in a list of “Great Science Frauds.”
The whooping cough vaccine was reworked, and became available with less severe side effects than the old vaccine.
Of course, there are always some people that have allergies that should not be vaccinated. If in doubt, consult a doctor.
Getting the vaccines aren’t just for you. They are for others around you.

Karen La Pierre