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It's time for a bold prediction
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Time for a bold prediction — Donald Trump won’t be the President of the United States.
I like Donald Trump — on his television show.
Trump is a shameless self promoter who is a self-appointed expert on virtually any topic you ask him about. He’s right about everything.
His theory is the louder you shout, the better your opinion sounds in the mirror.  He doesn’t care who he offends because he’s a multi-millionaire.
People like him because he has no censor. Actually, he’s a well-trained actor who cons people into thinking he’s right about a lot of topics.
He has all kinds of opinions, but that doesn’t make him a serious Presidential candidate. All that makes him is bombastic and opinionated. He’s good at throwing ideas out and seeing whether they stick.
My theory is Trump has figured out that running for President enhances his visibility for whatever business venture he goes into next.
Sure, he can argue he’s been a successful businessman. He’s run a business, but he hasn’t run worked in government or politics. His style is do what’s best for himself and worry about the collateral damage later. Running a country with that style is downright scary. He’s simply doesn’t think things through.
One bonus is Trump has forced the other Republican candidates to step up their game. My guess is that Trump won’t get elected.
Time for a second bold prediction — Hillary Clinton won’t be the President of the United States.
I don’t like Hillary Clinton. But I do like her character portrayed on “Saturday Night Live.”
She’s like that scary aunt your mom always warned you about. You’re always thinking she’s got something up her power-hungry sleeve.
I don’t believe she treats people as equals because she honestly believes she’s smarter than everyone. That’s why she likes telling people how to lead their lives and what’s good for them. She’s all about control.
I simply don’t trust her.

Jim Misunas