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There’s one thing you’ve got to say about advertising — if it doesn’t work, it tends to go away.
When America got sick of trying to figure out where the meat was, we moved on.
So a ploy by Wichita school officials may prove to be a good way for Kansas schools to take some of the pressure off declining tax dollars during this continuing economic slump — or rather, current economic free-fall. We passed “slump” several thousand economic feet ago.
Anyway, in Wichita they are addressing the issue by taking a shot at corporate sponsorships for schools.
According to an Associated Press report, “they would consider more corporate sponsorships or selling naming rights to school properties to address a budget shortfall.
“The district’s school board isn’t considering any specific proposal.
“Board members acknowledge that some school patrons oppose commercializing schools.
“But they say many districts around the country are turning to corporations in response to budget problems.
“Wichita schools already allow ads, and commercials on school district television networks.”
Obviously, there need to be standards.
There just are products that shouldn’t be linked to our schools. But it would seem that our local school boards ought to be able to set those down in fairly short order.
If having the team mascot wear a sandwich sign plugging lube jobs at Joe’s Garage during a football game raises money for the school, it’s a good idea.
If the same ad on napkins in the cafeteria is popular, sell the thing.
We at least, at the VERY least, should be considering such options, provided they don’t “cheapen” education.
— Chuck Smith