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Keep those endorsements coming
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We’re here again.
Remarkable as it may seem, time has flown and we are once again approaching an election, which means time is running out for those endorsements.
The last day the Tribune will run an endorsement ahead of the Nov. 2 election is this coming Friday.
That is the last day they will RUN, not the last day we will accept them.
The earlier you get them to us, the better the chances are that your letter will run, because they do run on a first-come, first-served basis.
We always hope that we can get all of the letters in, but you will make sure that happens by getting them to us sooner, rather than later.
As always, we would encourage letter writers to keep it short, so we can accommodate your submission, and we insist that they be in good taste.
And, as is the case with all submissions, the Tribune will continue to edit for style, clarity and length where needed.
You can get letters to us a number of ways.
You can drop them off at the Tribune office, 2012 Forest; you can mail them to Box 228, Great Bend; and you can e-mail them to
We look forward to getting your views out to the public.
— Chuck Smith