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Keep watching and plan to vote
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Watching the Republican debates over the last few months has been a bit like watching episodes of The Apprentice, as each debate the playing field narrows, with the top rated candidates returning to meet ever more challenging questions.  
Tuesday night, the fourth G.O.P. debate was held in Milwaukee, moderated by Fox Business Network, a departure from the more liberal CNBC moderated debate held in Boulder, Colo. last month.  
This time around, questions centered around economic issues like tax plans, health care, trade, immigration, and the military.  These are the big issues that will make a difference in the near future and for years to come.  It was refreshing to get a chance to hear the top candidates speak on these tough issues.
According to the League of Women Voters, candidates can be judged two ways--on the stands they take on different issues, and the leadership qualities and experience they bring to office.  The choices on the red side of the upcoming election currently resemble a sampler box of candy, each with a different filling.
Now, fact checkers have their work cut out for them, and as Ben Carson said Tuesday night, Presidential candidates should be vetted.  The question is, will those statements passing muster be remembered, or will they sit quietly on a shelf gathering dust as the focus shifts to the flubs, bloopers, untruths and lies that are bound to be exposed?  Which will the focus be on, in other words, what adds up, or what does not? And how far can the truth be stretched before the American voter gives a candidate thumbs down?  
Soon the debates will conclude, and the primaries will be held. Then the number of political ads we are subjected to as we watch our favorite television shows will skyrocket. Still, we urge readers to stay engaged with the process, and let this be the year we all go to the polls, informed and ready to point the country in a direction we all want to go.