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Laughing stock
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Monday night, it was once again confirmed that Kansas is currently the nation’s cautionary tale.  The Late Night with Seth Meyers bit, “Kansas tax cuts: A closer look,” summed up how far the great experiment in tax elimination has failed.  

At least Meyers characterized the people of Kansas as “nice.”  Nice for giving our governor a second chance to succeed with his experiment.  

The silver lining amidst the clouds of continuing revenue shortfalls, early school closings due to lack of funding, and the possibility of schools not opening in August, as well as crumbling roads and bridges, reduced construction starts and more, is that the next time a politician suggests a similar tax elimination scheme to jumpstart the economy, there will be scientific evidence showing it really doesn’t work.

Looking ahead, we have another couple of years to go before we get another chance at real change.  The fact that Kansas had an amazing turnout to the state’s Democratic and Republican caucuses is a good sign we’re realizing our votes are worth something.  Maybe we’re about ready to make change happen.

Kicking the can down the road, the phrase that is heard often when our Kansas experiment is discussed, leaves us wondering if we aren’t also taking part in a simultaneous experiment:  How many times can a can be kicked before it’s completely flat and can’t be kicked any further?

Veronica Coons