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Leaders are like eagles -- we don't have either here
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When November rolls around and this country continues on its current status quo stumble to bigger and bigger government that spends more, employs more, and does less for those footing the bill, it might be worthwhile to look back to this week’s news.
Because the Associated Press explained this week what will make that chain of events a certainty.
Covering the campaign that never ends, the AP reported: “The millions of dollars spent by Mitt Romney’s allies on TV ads attacking his two main rivals have helped Romney pull ahead in the GOP presidential race. The resulting bitterness, however, is making it hard for him to lock down the nomination and end the party fighting that delights Democrats.
“Republican insiders say Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are fuming over the hard-hitting 30-second spots that sent them tumbling after they gained early leads in Iowa, Florida, Michigan and other states.
“Every election bruises some feelings. But campaign veterans say Santorum and Gingrich feel the commercials were pointedly unfair, and that’s a big reason they keep fighting despite Romney’s significant lead in delegates and pleas from some Republican leaders to close ranks and focus on President Barack Obama.”
Republican strategist and pollster Mike McKenna offered the following observation, which could prove significant in the general election: “The Romney folks have run a pretty ugly campaign. It’s been very personal, it’s been very ugly, it’s been very hostile. There’s a lot of bad blood.”
Of course, with all that is going against us in this “one world government” — that seems to mostly be aligned to find ways to boot us in the rear while handing us the bill with its free hand — it would seem the ultimate in defeatism for Americans to spend so much effort to pull our nation apart.
And Americans have not seen anyone who has either the skill, charisma or intent to bring us together for a long, long time.
We haven’t seen that person in this campaign, either.
— Chuck Smith