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Leave Zimbabwe 100 percent
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Zimbabwe’s president-for-life, Mugabe, let’s not call him a dictator, has drawn a line in the sand and Western nations should stay on their side.
Mugabe, according to the Associated Press, “told foreign investors that they must accept black Zimbabweans as the major shareholders in their projects — or stay away from the southern African nation.
“Strict empowerment laws scheduled for phased enforcement over the next five years require black Zimbabweans to control 51 percent of each business.”
It doesn’t matter who invests the money, provides the planning, or even pays for the work — 51 percent control isn’t their’s.
This is, in fact, where we are headed, if we don’t watch out.
The difference is, we don’t have diamonds in our nation.
America continues to see this sort of behavior around the world and it is high time that we agreed, that we stayed out, in good times and bad.
At least until we see our nation dug out of the incredible financial hole it is currently in, we need to stop policing the world, bring our citizens back home and let these nations own the whole 100 percent, so long as they do 100 percent of the work with 100 percent of the equipment, funding, planning and so forth.
We need to step out.
— Chuck Smith