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Letting in the light
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Kudos to the Barton County Sheriff Dept., the Great Bend Police Dept., and the Kansas Bureau of Investigations for the efforts that have paid off in past weeks with several drug busts across the county.  
Great Bend and its surrounding communities are full of honest, hard-working, friendly people who strive to make the quality-of-life of this area something to be envied, but rumors of the underlying drug-trade that passes through the area has persisted, and with good reason.  The drugs didn’t arrive recently--and it takes time to gather enough evidence to get search warrants and pinpoint targets for raids like the ones that have been publicized of late.  Patience has paid off in several arrests and the confiscation of several pounds of Class 1 narcotics.  
Spring cleaning is what it’s felt like.  Opening up the cupboards, exposing them to light, clearing away the cobwebs and brushing away the dirt and grime that is the drug trade and those who profit from it.  
Thank you to law enforcement for putting your lives on the line to make the county a safer and cleaner place to live our lives.