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Lt. Dan honors real hero
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Gary Sinise is one of those celebrities you don’t hear about all that much when he’s off the screen.
He’s not cozying up to South American despots who have clearly stated their goal is to destroy the United States of America.
He’s not encouraging “protesters” who claim to care about working class Americans while they cost millions in extra civic costs.
He’s not using up afternoon TV time, pushing his most recent agenda down the throats of Americans while he gets rich on product plugs.
Sinise quietly works for the group he’s adopted — the American serving military members. Through his Lt. Dan Band, he’s performed for huge numbers of American troops.
His foundation continues to raise money to help wounded vets.
And now he is working on another cause, though he is still getting only modest publicity, and that is undoubtedly the way he likes it.
Sinise is staging a concert  to raise money to help build a home in Temecula, Calif, for Marine Lance Cpl. Juan Domingues who lost his legs and his right arm overseas.
It’s not the first time the actor and musician has taken on such a project, and it won’t be the last.
But the next time you are overwhelmed by an overpaid celebrity who is talking down your country, think about Gary Sinise, quietly taking up the cause of helping people. There are decent celebrities out there. They just aren’t jumping up and down, forcing you to pay attention to their accomplishments.
Sort of like every other sphere of life, isn’t it?
— Chuck Smith