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Making a difference
GBHS students give back to community
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It was difficult to travel the streets of Great Bend Wednesday without seeing young people in bright, fluorescent-green T-shirts. They were everywhere.
In fact, 800 students from Great Bend High School fanned out into the community to volunteer and help numerous non-profit organizations with numerous important tasks. They were taking part in the second-annual GBHS Community Service Day, a school-wide volunteer effort sponsored by the Student Council.
Council President and GBHS senior Greg Burley stood before an assembly of the entire student body prior to the events start Wednesday morning. “Education is about more than textbooks,” he said.
 He is so right. The kids taking part gave back to their community, established a bond with their community and earned the respect of their community, helpful when applying for scholarships and jobs.
 There were no losers.
Granted, some of the kids would have rather just had the day out of school. Surely some pleaded with their parents to just keep them home.
But, ultimately, they showed up and took part. It is difficult to speculate, but one can’t help but think they learned and grew from the experience.
 GBHS StuCo members attended a meeting in McPherson two years ago. They heard about that city’s service day and thought it would be a good fit here.
It has worked very well.
The organizers are to be commended for their foresight and efforts.
The faculty and administration deserve pats on the back for allowing this to happen.
And, lastly, the students a whole must be applauded for their willingness to get involved.
Let’s hope this event becomes a tradition. Great Bend only stands to reap the benefits.
Dale Hogg