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More than sports
Take the time to appreciate student achievements
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In case you live in a cave or under a rock, one of the biggest sporting events on the planet takes place Sunday, Feb. 1. This refers to much hyped Super Bowl XLIX.
The returning Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks take on the perennial Super Bowl contending New England Patriots at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. The annual spectacle will draw millions of views is responsible for generating millions of dollars.
Whether one is a fan of either team or football in general and tunes in for the game, watches for the oft outrageous commercials, wants a chance to eat snacks and drink or wants to hear references to deflated footballs, there are many reasons to follow this American tradition.
Sports are important to people of all ages and offer much to those who participate and the Super Bowl is the pinnacle of the sports universe. Sadly, like so many of our traditions, this game has become over commercialized and less about a game than the drama surrounding it.
None the less, as we plop ourselves onto that couch with chips in hand, lets remember that there are other things equally, if not more, important.
Saturday morning, young people from Barton County took part in the annual spelling bee. There were no mega ads promoting this and no sponsorship deals, just a couple mentions in local media.
This is just one example of countless intellectual endeavors in which our youth are involved. There are plays, concerts, speech tournaments and other activities.
Now, many of these students also play a sport, but it is safe to say most will never wind up in a Super Bowl. They will, however, carry the knowledge and experience gained from these other pursuits with them as long as they live.
They deserve out support.
Dale Hogg