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Overhead, drones becoming a reality
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Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration approved testing the future of drone flight over the U.S., attempting to research safety, according to CNN.
They have chosen six research sites to see if drones can safely fly in this country for a variety of uses. Per Rueters, these sites are Alaska, New York, North Dakota, Texas, North Carolina and Virginia. has suggested next-day delivery of its products through drones, called octocoptors. Thank goodness this has not been approved.
 Other possible uses include crop spraying, catching poachers and atmospheric research. They can also record people’s activities and have been used by the military.
The thought of a drone flying down the street and darting down to deliver a book or any product is very disconcerting. What if it malfunctions and crashes?
Some states require a warrant for use in law enforcement.
The American Civil Liberties Union has spoken out against persistent monitoring.
This brings to mind the book “1984” by George Orwell written forty years prior to that date.  His projections of life in 1984 were premature, but they seem to becoming a reality in 2014, where constant monitoring by Big Brother is possible.
Drones are too much of an invasion of privacy. Unfortunately, we undoubtedly can’t stop it and abuses will occur, not only from drones generated in this country, but from other countries as well.
This is one thing to definitely contact your legislator about strict enforcement and laws. However, with large numbers of an uninformed electorate, few will, and few will even know about the invasion of privacy until it is late in the process.
Here’s to wishing this idea won’t fly.
Karen La Pierre