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Parking fines are out of hand
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The top 15 parking ticket violators in our state capitol owe a total of more than $175,000 in unpaid tickets.
One woman owes more than $42,000.
That seems like its showing a pattern of sorts.
According to a report this week from the Associated Press, Topeka is trying to recover a total of about $650,000 in parking fines.
See why we should be glad we live in a small town?
The city council in Topeka is thinking about authorizing “boots” to put on vehicles with three or more parking tickets.
Unless this one gal is driving a Hummer, they need more than a boot. Heck, they need the whole pair of pants and a jacket, too, before they will ever come close to getting $42,000 back.
Years ago, Great Bend did away with over-time parking, because it just didn’t make economic sense. It cost so much to hire the meter readers and then to enforce the parking laws that the city lost money.
But it would seem that Topeka may have a different issue at hand.
We get so concerned about our government over spending, and rightfully so. But Americans ought also to make sure that they are ALL paying their fair share.
These dead-beats are making it harder on everyone.
More than half a million bucks ain’t hay, even in Topeka.
— Chuck Smith