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Pave the way for project
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Sometimes you can’t really tell whether a public project is worth the tax dollars that will be expended upon it.
This is NOT one of those times.
Local officials are in the process of coordinating funds and efforts to improve the road that leads up to the local composting site.
That is a good use of tax dollars.
It was a terrific addition to the community to have the facility here and it needs to be utilized more, not less.
But for that to happen, it needs to be served with a decent road.
That rutted track that once was in use has been replaced by asphalt, but it requires attention to stay in shape and that involves the city, county and township, all working together to provide the funding and the work.
It’s a worthwhile project because due to the compost site we keep a great amount of yard waste out of our local landfill.
And there is no way that we can afford to waste valuable space in our landfill by dumping grass clippings, branches and leaves out there.
Besides, the material gets turned into compost that is important for local gardeners.
So there will be some cost in keeping up this road, but it is worth it — to the city, the county and the township, and to all of the taxpayers represented by all three.
— Chuck Smith