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Play nice
Good sports wanted
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A youth sporting event turned into a brawl, this past Monday in Wichita. According to reports, a parent complained that his son wasn’t getting enough playing time; then six men surrounded the coach and started hitting him. Police said one of the men had brass knuckles and one had a gun. Then the coach’s wife pulled out a gun of her own and fired it into the air. The coach headed to his car to retrieve a gun, too.
We understand the coach is no longer coaching.
Friday is the first home football game for Great Bend High School, and Principal Tim Friess reminds everyone that at sporting events, there are rules for spectators as well as players.
Specifically, Friess was talking about the rule that elementary-age children attending football games must sit with their parents. But we all know what the other rules are: Be enthusiastic, but polite. Respect others. Leave the guns and brass knuckles at home. Enjoy the game.