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Playing with fire
It's a bad idea, especially now
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This began as a "viewpoint" asking everyone to be cautious when shooting fireworks, but there's a chance we don't be shooting them at all this Fourth of July.

The last thing firefighters need right now is a “holiday” dedicated to setting things on fire.
It is so hot and dry in Barton County, a spark from a mower striking a concrete culvert started a grass fire on Tuesday. Other fires this week appear to have been caused by humans who were either careless with fireworks or who intentionally started them.
Wednesday night’s fires in Colorado were far worse, displacing thousands of people.
This week, fireworks went on sale in Barton County, and the first fireworks-related grass fire occurred the same day. Usually the only day it is legal for the average person to light fireworks is Independence Day — the Fourth of July. Most years, firefighters dread the day of fireworks but do the best they can. This year, until weather conditions change, it may just be too dangerous. You can still buy fireworks, but you may have to hold on to them awhile.
Independence Day is a holiday for celebrating the birth of our nation — not a day for starting fires. Please be safe, responsible and mindful of others in your pursuit of happiness.