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Please say what you really mean
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I’m confused.
I really can’t figure out what people are saying anymore.
There is nothing worse than using words like “bad” or “ridiculous” to mean anything you want them to mean.
I call it backwards English. It’s like starting the alphabet from Z.
“Ridiculous,” should never refer to a rare feat of athletic achievement.
It could refer to someone leaping from a aircraft without a parachute. Or driving without a seat belt.
When people use a word like “bad,” it actually means something good (sometimes).
That’s just plan silly.
Can we please just use a word like “bad” to mean something poor or useless.
Here’s another way “bad” is misused.
“My bad” is about a senseless phrase as anyone can possibly say.
On a stack of Bibles, I have never said “My bad,” referring to anything I’ve ever done.
Who uses that phrase?
Who possibly launched that nonsensical phrase?
Probably someone who could not properly express himself.
Here’s what you say — “I’m sorry,” or “I made a mistake,” or “That’s my error.”
I’m tired of fractured English.
I guess we’ll work at it — one word at a time.
(Stay tuned)

Jim Misunas