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Pot DUI needs to be addressed
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It’s something that states are going to have to address, and that socially conscious “consumers” are going to have to not only accept, but promote if they ever hope to legitimize their drug of choice.
In Colorado they are facing that there’s a new high in town and they need to address its use in public and how it will impact Colorado law.
“The surge of medical marijuana use in Colorado has started another debate in the state Legislature: What constitutes driving while high?
“Lawmakers are considering setting a DUI blood-content threshold for marijuana that would make Colorado one of three states with such a provision in statute — and one of the most liberal,” the Associated Press reported this week.
Many of us can remember the suggestion on the ‘80s TV show “WKRP in Cincinnati” that Dr. Johnny Fever’s responses got better the more he drank. Back then we considered it funny.
Well, it wasn’t.
Driving impaired with any substance is not funny.
If Colorado is going to allow people to use pot “medicinally” then their use of dangerous equipment, specifically automobiles, will have to be addressed in the state’s laws.
Those who are pushing for the use of marijuana as a medicine need to lead this cause. They need to prove there is an interest in keeping the roads safe, no matter what element is being ingested.
Otherwise, we’re just creating more tragedy on our streets, and we already have more than enough of that.
— Chuck Smith