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Prices are going up
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When the price of candy bars drops significantly, Americans will take this announcement seriously.
Otherwise, we’re just looking at more food inflation.
The report this week, as reported by the Associated Press, noted: “Mars Inc., the makers of popular candy brands including M&M’s and Twix, says it will stop making chocolate products that exceed 250 calories by the end of next year.
“That means king-sized versions of the company’s chocolate bars will disappear from candy aisles. The privately-held company also makes Milky Way, Bounty, 3Musketeers, and Kudos bars.”
As if the choice was being made out of concern for health issues, the announcement this week was supposed to be part of a “broad-based commitment to health and nutrition.”
You can see that same commitment in other areas, such as snack chips that come in the same size bag for the same price — or more — but contain significantly less food.
Or cereal or even canned goods.
You get the drift.
The price stays the same, or rises, and you get less.
Meanwhile the government attempts to convince us that we are NOT facing serious inflation.
Or course you can do that when you conveniently remove food, housing, transportation, medical costs, insurance all from inflation factoring.
What does the fed base inflation factors on? Blown glass figurines?
Anyone trying to keep a food budget on a working-class income knows things are costing more than they did even a few months ago, no matter what size package they come in.
— Chuck Smith