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Ready or not, weather is coming
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OK, it is true that earlier this week we were concerned about whether we were going to get hit with blizzard conditions again.
And it is also true that if you look really hard you can actually find the very tail end of the snow mounds disappearing.
Also many of us are just not convinced that it’s time to put the heavy coats in the closet for the season.
Nevertheless, we are — really — entering severe storm season and need to prepare for what other parts of the nation have already faced this season.
Yes, the annual state storm siren testing was put on hold as the state responded to another winter storm this week.
Still, we need to make sure we are ready.
Consider what they faced just the other day in Alabama, according to the Associated Press:
“Apparent tornadoes ripped through two counties in southwest Alabama early Wednesday, heavily damaging several businesses and homes but causing only a few minor injuries.
“Torrential rains caused flooding across a wide area, and Gov. Robert Bentley declared a state of emergency. Damage was reported in nearly 20 counties by midday.
“Ambulances, police cars and fire trucks with flashing lights descended on the Theodore area near Mobile after the storm hit about 8:45 a.m. CST, overturning vehicles, nearly demolishing a gas station, knocking down power lines and causing ammonia and natural gas leaks.
“Authorities said only three minor injuries were reported despite the destruction.”
It really can hit any time, so it is time, again, to get used to responding correctly.
If the sirens sound — other than during the lunch hour on Tuesdays when they are being tested — get serious about the conditions and use good judgement.
Before the sirens sound, make your plans and discuss them with your family. Don’t expect some public facility to just open its doors. We do NOT have public shelters.
Get ready ahead of time and get safe so we can ride out another severe storm season.
— Chuck Smith