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Remember Fire Prevention Month
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We are continuing our month-long coverage of Fire Prevention Month information, today.
In Great Bend, Fire Prevention “Week” gets turned into Fire Prevention Month, and, while it may not be proven, those of us who have been involved in the fire prevention effort for many years are convinced that the extended effort has paid off in reduced incidence of home fires.
Our local firefighters don’t just take a stab at fire prevention during the first week of October, passing out plastic helmets and home escape plans.
That is the annual observation, by the way, in commemoration of two of the most fatal fires in the history of our nation.
It’s the week when firefighters all around the nation visit classrooms, or give tours of fire stations.
But it doesn’t stop with that here.
All through the month, our firefighters are teaching local kids how to be safe, how to help their parents to be safe, how to use alarms to notify them of fires while they can still be fought.
This year, the theme is “Protect Your Family From Fire” and students are learning how to help keep their families safe.
The students will bring home information that can keep fires from happening in the first place. So, parents, listen to what the kids say when they come home.
And all of us, should take the time to thank our fire officials for working so hard to make this a safer community.
— Chuck Smith