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Science Champs: A reason to celebrate
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Senator Jerry Moran is a “Champion of Science.”
On Oct. 7, The Science Coalition held its biennial Breakfast of Champions to recognize the members of Congress who have received its Champion of Science Award for their commitment to funding the basic research that keeps the United States at the forefront of scientific and medical discovery.
“I’d like to recognize the importance of all scientific research,” Moran said. “We focus on health and medical but research across the board matters to our country. ... In good times and bad, Congress and the American people ought to support scientific research with tax dollars.”
The senator said Kansans are the same as people everywhere; they want their kids to be able to find good paying careers in science without moving to other states or countries. He was also happy that the recognition he received had a “wheat” connection. As a member of the most recent class of champions, Moran got his photo on a commemorative Breakfast of Champions Wheaties box.
Senator Pat Roberts is a past recipient of this award. Representatives are also eligible, so it’s something they might work on.
Barton Community College held its 12th annual Jack Kilby Science Day on Thursday, making this a good to celebrate all champions of science. Here’s to our future innovators, problem solvers, Mars mission engineers and disease curing scientists – and kudos to a couple of guys in Congress who realize the importance of funding scientific research and exploration.