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So close, already
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So close, already.
Kansans ought to be fed up with the recent blackmailing suggestions.
According to the Associated Press, they are continuing unabated, though.
“Planned Parenthood says it plans to close its clinic in Hays unless it is advised this week that it will soon receive the Title X funding already ordered by a federal judge.
“The group said in a court filing last week that it will stop providing services at the clinic this Friday unless it is told it will receive the money by Sept. 16.
“That also will be the last day the sliding fee scale will be available for its low-income patients in Wichita.”
Somewhere along the line, if we are to cut spending, there will almost have to be some actual cuts.
That means that groups that have been getting our tax dollars won’t get them.
That sort of goes along with “cutting.”
Pretty much everything that is currently getting tax dollars has someone who is supportive of the expenditure, or the money would not be spent in the first place.
If only we could find millions of dollars in programs that no one wants, we wouldn’t have to face these difficult cuts.
But we can’t.
When the cuts are made, just as was the case in the private sector years ago, there will be programs that cease to exist.
When you cut, something bleeds.
The only way to avoid that, would be to NOT cut. And we can just go on with mounting tax bills.
Everyone who believes the don’t get taxed enough can line up to pay more. Surely the state won’t turn you away.
— Chuck Smith