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Some topics are just too easy
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Sometimes it’s all just too easy.
Seriously, it’s tempting to just cross over to the other side of the culture and try to ignore it, but how can you, when life dishes out an editorial on a silver platter?
So here goes ...
Many of us have been spared the excrutiation of sitting through an episode, but if you’ve been tuned in to our culture in recent months, you can’t have missed the existence of “Jersey Shore.”
If you want to get a flavor for what this “real life” melodrama is all about, check the lampoons on You Tube on the Internet.
Here’s how the Associated Press explained it: “‘Jersey Shore’ chronicles the carryings-on of a group of hard-partying, 20-something Italian-Americans at a beach house on the Seaside Heights boardwalk.
“It has offended Italian-American groups but remains one of MTV’s highest-rated shows. The reality show is on its third season.”
The case has been in legal trouble off and on — with a lot of observers speculating that they have actually engineered some assaults to boost their ratings. Suffice it to say, they are NOT good role models.
But they didn’t court their most recent trip to court.
As the AP explained it: “Here’s the situation: Nicole Polizzi, better known to the world as Snooki from the MTV show ‘Jersey Shore,’ faces charges of being criminally annoying.
“But unlike the popular reality show, her scheduled court appearance will be 100 percent real. She faces disorderly conduct charges of being a public nuisance and annoying others on the Seaside Heights beach in late July.”
Criminally annoying!
That’s cold.
America wants to know more about the judge who will consider these charges and whether the New Jersey court system can get all of cable TV in the courtroom with Ms. Snooki.
Criminally annoying?
The list of perpetrators on TV today would keep the courts clogged for decades.
Throw the book at them, America.
Turn off the tube.
— Chuck Smith