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Stepping up momentum
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For four years, Be Well Barton County has been working to make strides in the health of the county, and their work is beginning to really pay off. Earlier this week, the group presented $2,082 to the Great Bend City Council to be used for the further development of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The group also offered some well thought out suggestions.
It’s been exciting to see real growth in participation in various running and walking events over the past few years in this area, and increasing the width of sidewalks on the west side of McKinley Street near Veteran’s Memorial Park will not only encourage more use of the park, but will make it more convenient and easy to run future 5K events there.
Add to this the increased numbers of bicyclists and runners taking advantage of the flood control levee, the suggestion of creating a multi-use path from the west edge of town out to West Barton County road is a real winner too.
Regardless of which idea the council goes with, they will be doing something positive for Great Bend.
Step by step, Great Bend is becoming a more health conscious city, and these suggestions help keep the momentum going. Ideas like these, if we act on them, will help make a 180 degree turn from a society that has become increasing less healthy.