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Stop mor protesters
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You can’t find it around here, but there is a national food chain, Chik-fil-a, that has a hilarious ad campaign in which cows hold up crude signs that read: “Eat more chikin!”
In California those cows have some destructive friends who put cows ahead of “chikins” and even of human beings, according to a recent Associated Press report.
“Authorities in California are looking into animal rights activists’ claims that they caused the fire that destroyed 14 big-rig tractors and several trailers at the state’s biggest beef processor.
“Activists claimed responsibility for the fire at Harris Farms in an e-mail released by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office.
“The e-mail includes a detailed description of the containers of accelerant and kerosene-soaked rope activists claim they used to set the blaze.”
Outside of hurting some working-class truck drivers, just what is this group planning to accomplish?
Are they, like the now-famous cows, hoping that they can get their point across to the nation?
“Burn out mor truckers?”
For crying out loud, these trucks were property and whether the protesters agree or not, so are the cows.
They should be treated humanely, but let’s face it, they have one destiny, and it is on a table.
It’s funny when the commercial suggests them as protesters, but the truth is, they are not. They are cows. They are food.
That is why they were bred.
If they stop being food, they stop having a reason to exist as a species.
Like it or not.
The same goes for chickens, by the way.
— Chuck Smith