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Surely we'll never turn back
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Ah, the fresh air that has blessed our land!
We have turned a corner as a nation, thanks to the enlightened leadership in Washington, D.C. today, and it is a corner we must never, never allow our nation to turn back around on, and go back behind and hide around and slink beneath, just because we might change administrations again someday in the future.
Wanna bet?
Two incidents in recent memory as reported this month by the Associated Press:
Number one — Karen Lewis, who is the president of the Chicago Teachers Union — a major public position in that huge community — apologized this week “for making a joke about Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s lisp.
Lewis said at a union event in Seattle last month that she could tell Duncan ‘went to a private school, because if he had gone to a public school, he would have had that lisp fixed.’ Her comments were caught on video.”
As if that is the only reason Karen said she was sorry. Heck no. She really IS sorry, doggoneit. And you all need to just drop it now!
The woman SAID she was sorry. What more can there possibly be to say about this issue?
Number two — “Attorney General Eric Holder says an investigation of arms traffickers called Operation Fast and Furious was flawed in concept as well as in execution, never should have happened and ‘it must never happen again.’
“‘Unfortunately, we will feel its effects for years to come as guns that were lost during this operation continue to show up at crime scenes both here and in Mexico,’ the attorney general said.”
Of course AG Holder said a lot of other things, too, such as suggesting that he didn’t know anything about the operation, or that he had plumb forgot about it.
This about an illegal operation that cost law enforcement officers’ lives on BOTH sides of the border.
With blood on his hands, he gets by with “Oops” being his official reply.
THIS is the great corner our nation has turned.
There is not one syllable from the usual arbiters of good taste towards Karen Lewis.
And the daily grilling that would have been seen during the Bush Administration is now gone in reaction to AG Holder’s involvement in an operation that has cost lives, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
That is the great corner we have turned.
And we can all rest assured that these new rules of engagement in the national debate will be followed in every future administration, no matter which side of the aisle it may spring from.
We can be just as sure of it as we are sure of the chances a snowball has in perdition.
— Chuck Smith