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Tails not allowed at USD 428 schools
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A new trend has arisen where teens are wearing tails. We’re not talking about a fancy tuxedo or an extended ponytail.
We’re literally talking about a fake fur tail attached to backside of the jeans.
Sitting might be an issue as well as other normal human functions.
The USD 428 school board made the right decision to disallow them on Monday. This was an excellent choice.
Students brought the issue to Superintendent Tom Vernon because the topic is not addressed in the student handbook, undoubtedly because no one could have imagined anybody wanting to wear a tail unless they have four paws. Some things are indeed unexplainable.
While it is easy to scoff at young people for this issue, remember some baby boomers kept pet rocks and talked to their plants, and after an amazing decade of rock, danced to disco. Generation X’ers had the mullet, frizzy hair, and enormous shoulder pads.
Then there were super loose jeans and furbies.
No one wants any of these trends to come back.
Okay, so every generation has its ridiculous trends, and each teen needs to express their individuality. Some trends are more harmless than others and some border on frightening, but it seems like attaching a bushy tail to one’s backside is more ridiculous than most.
Perhaps the teen needs to take art classes to express themselves, but sprouting a tail would seem to be a cause for concern.
Hopefully this trend will soon pass.

Karen La Pierre