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Take your own advice
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With the complicity of the TV talking heads, the current administration continues to be shored up. We are supposed to just look the other way over the worst financial condition since the one we solved by diving into World War II. We are supposed to play like the scandal involving the current administration and the deaths of law enforcement officers on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border never happened. And we are to pretend that Vice President Joe Biden is a senior statesman.
That last one may be impossible, even for the TV bobble-heads to bring off.
Biden was quoted this week, offering advice to the Republican Party.
Either he is even more confused than he’s appeared for the past three years, or he has actually convinced himself that his rival party cares what he thinks.
According to the Associated Press, “Biden visited New Hampshire on Thursday in part to push President Barack Obama’s jobs bill, which has stalled in Congress.
“Speaking to students at Plymouth State University, the vice president warns that kindergarten classes and public safety are at risk unless Obama’s jobs bill becomes law.
“Biden says that making deals with Republican lawmakers is more difficult because of disagreement within the GOP.”
It couldn’t be that deal making is difficult because the deals are not in America’s best interest, could it, Joe?
Americans have called for grass-roots involvement for the last generation, and now that there actually is a taxpayer movement in this nation, Biden blames the Tea Party Movement for his hard time getting legislators to cozy up to his old-boy arrangements.
According to a lot of taxpayers, Biden would do well to keep his advice for his own party — and especially for his own administration.
— Chuck Smith