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Taxpayers should refuse to pay
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Nobody wants to just drop this whole thing in our new governor’s lap.
That’s probably not accurate.
There are undoubtedly lots of people who’d just as soon do that very thing, but it would not be fair for us to blame Gov. Brownback for the enormous tax drain that has become the Kansas Statehouse.
And now the boondoggle is getting worse and it’s bad enough that it will certainly fall to him and his new administration to do SOMETHING.
According to an Associated Press report, “Kansas has spent about $225 million so far renovating its Statehouse, and the roof still leaks — and it may go on leaking occasionally.”
That’s right.
Just this week, “water from melting snow made its way from the roof over the House chamber into the attic, and then into the chamber Tuesday. House staff put down several trash cans to catch the water before it was plugged.”
Sounds like $225 million wisely spent.
Not only is the roof leaking now, but let’s be honest. It’s not going to stop. The AP story noted, “with all the money the state has spent on the Statehouse, it doesn’t plan to completely replace the roof.
“In the meantime, workers will do temporary patch jobs, laying rubberized mats over gaps that leak.”
For crying out loud!
We spend $225 million and then end up with a roof straight off Jed Clampett’s hillbilly cabin.
It’s no wonder that there is a race to see whether taxpayers or the state itself will go bankrupt first.
— Chuck Smith