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Thanksgiving Holiday time to say thanks
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Thanksgiving Holiday is traditionally a time to give thanks for bountiful blessings, food and family.
 Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving as the last Thursday of November in 1863 as a day of thanksgiving and praise. Prior to that, the holiday was celebrated at different times as determined by different states.
We also have the good fortune of living in a country, albeit not perfect, where we have freedom to make choices, good or bad. Sometimes our only choice in  our circumstances is an attitude. Today, choose thankfulness.
We also have the opportunity to make choices to give. Service can involve volunteering one’s time or giving financially.
Both are extremely important. There are many good non-profits and charities in the area deserving of financial gifts and of time.
Volunteering is also important at this time of year and year round. Today, choose carefully.
For those who have the holiday off from work, praise to those that do have to work.
Fast food workers, grocery store checkers, convenience store checkers, paper delivers and others, including journalists, are all working on this holiday. Thank you and a smile goes a long way. Many of these people are on the front line when dealing with customers who are not always happy.
Today choose praise.

Karen La Pierre