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The best of both worlds
County supports two recycling efforts
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It could very easily have been a case or one or the other. But, instead, the Barton County Commission Monday morning wisely opted for both.
This refers to the commission’s decision to fund two recycling programs in Barton County.
Utilizing money from the Barton County Landfill fund, county officials had set aside $11,400 for its second-annual recycling grant. But, this year, there were two applicants – Sunflower Diversified Services of Great Bend (which was the sole applicant last year) and Kans for Kids Fighting Cancer Foundation of Hoisington.
So, the commission upped the ante and voted to award $17,700 instead. It gave $12,000 to Sunflower so it could purchase a glass crusher, and $5,700 to Kans for Kids so it could purchase additional receptacles for aluminum cans and other items.
“These are both worthwhile,” Commissioner Jennifer Schartz said. She was glad that the county could accommodate the two causes.
So are we. Such efforts are good for the environment by keeping many materials out of the landfill and returning them so they can be reused. These save raw materials and energy, and help extend the lifespan of our waste facilities.
They are a win for everyone.
Making this even sweeter is the fact that the landfill is totally self-supporting, so the grant money doesn’t cost the Barton County taxpayers a cent in tax money.
It is good to see a decision by public officials that truly takes everyone’s best interest to heart.
Dale Hogg