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There is a lot of good, too
Let us not overlook accomplishments of our youth
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 There has been a dark cloud hanging over Great Bend High School, and by extension, the entire Unified School District 428 of late. Allegations of sexual assault against students by students on school buses have swirled in the media, creating a toxic mix of rumors mingled with few facts.

Sadly, this situation has cast a negative light on all those in our school system. It is easy to forget the good that is taking place.

We have piano students from GBHS receiving I ratings at state in Wichita, GBHS wrestlers and bowlers doing well at regional meets and bound for state competition. And, yes, the same swim team at the seat of the current controversy had members compete at state.

Now, we have a raft of spring sports, concerts, forensic meets and other activities on the schedule. All of these involve students doing their best to shine while learning lessons along the way.

The Great Bend Tribune must follow these disturbing events, but will do so in a manner that is as fair as possible, We will also run stories about and photos featuring the accomplishments of our young people. 

These are troubling times for these youngsters who are trying to enjoy their high school year as normally as possible. It us up to us as a community to let them heal and deal with the turmoil.

We must be the adults and be there to support our children in the good times, as well as the bad. 

Dale Hogg