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Time for government shutdown to end
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Enough already! It’s time for the government shutdown to end.
Family members of deceased soldiers have been delayed in receiving death benefit payments. Permits are not being issued. Parks are closed.
It’s become ridiculous and has become a spitting match of people with the maturity of junior high school students.
It’s time to write our congressmen and women and tell them  if they don’t compromise, we will not vote for them.
At the Tribune, we regularly receive letters from our representatives, some of them self-serving and biased. We received one this week that completely blamed the other side for what is happening. None of the letter was about his responsibility in this mess.
What has happened to integrity and what is best for our country?
This has gone to the wayside with the bickering and partisan politics that do no more than keep anything from being accomplished.
It has become more about pride and face saving.
It also looks like this will not end for awhile.
There needs to be some moderation and meeting in the middle where most Americans stand.
Shutting down the government is estimated to cost tax payers a few billion dollars. It surely seems like that money could be better spent on items such as reducing the deficit or paying federal obligations.
According to some surveys, approval ratings of Congress are at 5 percent. They should be lower.
Kansas voters need to remember this and when it comes time for election, consider these hard line stances. Is this productive?
Mr. Boehner cried numerous times when he first became majority leader of the House of Representatives. He seems to have no tears for those affected by the shutdown.