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Time to get involved
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It was a week of good news for the American system, only close to home.
The announcements were made that there will be a contested race for county sheriff and in three of four wards of the Great Bend City Council elections this spring.
While it is to be granted that may not seem like good news to everyone involved, we also recognize that it is good news for the community as a whole, because it means that local citizens are getting involved.
It is common in a rural community for an election to be a formality, and people are often elected for life unless they chose not to run.
But this year there has been interest shown in these offices, and that is good.
There has also been interest shown in applications for local government boards, allowing local residents to have a say in the direction of the local government.
We need more involvement and that extends to every local citizen of voting age.
If you are not registered to vote, get it done.
And when the opportunity to vote opens, get busy and vote.
We have a chance to have an impact on the future of our community and we should take advantage of it, whether we are elected to office, volunteer for a board or help to choose the local officials.
It’s all part of shaping the future of this community and it takes all of use getting involved for the system to work to its potential.
— Chuck Smith