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Time to get involved
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If you are one of those who believe there’s nothing for you to do to get involved and make this a better place in which to live, man, is there an opportunity open for you!
This week, Assistant City Administrator Dawn Jaeger announced that they are looking for volunteers to participate in efforts to improve one of our local facilities.
The new Stone Lake Committee is going to meet in November and Jaeger is looking for people who will help work on the project.
Those who want to be part of that committee need to contact her by calling the city office, 793-4111 by Oct. 15.
Stone Lake has become an important recreation asset for the community.
It covers some 50 acres of fishable lake and it also connects to the Arkansas River recreation area, which continues to grow in popularity, so it is going to just become more and more important in this community.
There has long been a dream of developing this southern part of the community for a major recreation facility and one step in that long-term development will be to continue to improve Stone Lake.
If you want to help shape the future of this community, here is your chance.
If you are too busy to get involved, so be it, but stop griping that only “certain people” get to chart our future.
Here’s a chance to roll up your sleeves and go to work.
Grab it.
— Chuck Smith