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Time to take note
National and local elections have local overtones
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 It is said that all politics are local. In other words, when it comes down to brass tacks, voters really only care about what is going on in their own communities.

There is much truth in this statement as we rapidly move into this election season. There are county elections for commissioners and other elected officials who have a direct impact on our daily lives.

From setting property tax mill levies to how the money from those taxes are spent, the office holders tackle local issues and must answer to their constituents. Who knows, they may meet them at a soup supper or in the check-out line at the grocery store and have to answer for their actions.

This can even be said for those serving us in the Kansas Legislature.

But, the concept takes on an additional dimension this year.

We have a local physician, Dr. Roger Marshall, running for Congress. He faces incumbent and fellow Republican Tim Huelskamp of Fowler.

Now, we have a local stake in a national election. This campaign will give us a glimpse into the world of Washington, D.C., politics as we follow our hometown candidate through this process.

There are two lessons here.

First, these folks who want our votes must remember where they came from and two whom they are accountable. The lure of big politics is strong, but they must always remember they are in this at our behest.

Second, with so much on the line at all levels of government, it is our obligation as Barton County, Kansas and American residents to pay attention and do our part to stay informed of the issues. Then, we must use this education to guide us when we cast our ballots.

We must not let hollow rhetoric, fear mongering and loudly screamed accusations sway us. It us up to us to be a well-informed electorate.

We now have a unique opportunity. Let us not squander it.

Dale Hogg