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We can't afford food inflation
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It’s just sad, how severe Americans have gotten with their betters, you know, the regulators who have been hired for life to educate us in all those areas where we are too stupid to look out after ourselves.
Thank goodness for the ever-increasing tax bills that make sure our regulator-saviors are kept busy, making sure we don’t drown on our own spit.
Now, two state officials — apparently people actually elected these two — in New York have the answer to keep our eggs safe.
We just need to start a chicken-shot program.
And don’t worry, it will only add a penny to the price of a dozen eggs.
At least that is what they are claiming, but remember, the regulators haven’t gotten a hold of the plan yet.
According to the Associated Press report: “Sen. Daniel Squadron and Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh announced their proposal in front of a supermarket in New York City. Their idea comes after a nationwide recall of hundreds of millions of eggs. None of the recalled eggs came from New York.
“The legislators say vaccinations costing one penny per dozen eggs could nearly eliminate the more than 100,000 salmonella cases each year in the U.S. if all states had such a law.”
No one has gotten sick off the New York eggs.
The New York eggs are not being recalled.
New York is not the center of the salmonella cases that have been in the news recently.
But these two are ready to set up some more regulations — for our own good of course.
It would certainly be nice if they were right about that penny-per-dozen idea, but have the New York officials bothered to consider what is already happening to grocery prices, even without added regulators?
Taxpayers who are strapped in our current economy certainly have noticed.
Everything from fresh produce, to bread to packaged foods is increasing in price pretty much every week.
Check it out.
Working-class Americans have no idea what is happening to the price of some foods, since fresh beef, fruit and most produce is already outside their budgets. But they sure know what’s happening to the price of mac-and-cheese, and it’s not good.
No one wants to get sick on bad eggs.
Everyone wants our hired regulators to get to work, keeping us oh so safe.
But let’s face it, American workers don’t need higher bills from anyone, whether it’s part of our tax payment or at the grocery store.
— Chuck Smith