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Why not?
Drilling at landfill worthy of consideration
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It seems like a win-win situation.
Monday morning, the Barton County Commission gave the nod to solicit requests for proposals to oil producers interested in drilling at the Barton County Landfill. The action came after County Administrator Richard Boeckman had been approached about drilling at the site.
He visited with Landfill Director Mark Witt, and two have been in contact with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. State law allows for this, with certain caveats. It must go through a competitive bidding process, and any plan must be reviewed by the KDHE to make sure it won’t interfere with landfill operations.
The landfill encompasses 344.7 acres. But, the area being considered for drilling is the northern portion, about 120.7 acres, that is not used as a landfill and is mostly grass.
Just because the RFPs are being sought doesn’t mean drilling will take place. The commission reserves the right to reject all offers.
Sure, as a nation we need to continue our quest for better alternative and renewable energy sources, but there must be stop-gap solutions. If petroleum production can be done with minimal impact, then why not?
This idea only makes sense. The land in question isn’t part of a sensitive environmental refuge, such as Cheyenne Bottoms.
There is not particular scenic value here. It is, after all, part of a landfill.
And, state health and environment officials are on board, if all the requirements are met.
If drilling was successful, any money the county would make would go into the general fund. This can only serve to benefit the people of the county at virtually no cost to them.
It looks like a really good idea.
Dale Hogg