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You asked for it
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Oh, my, wasn’t it just so touching when Charlie Sheen was able to sober up long enough this weekend to wish his former cast members well as he attempts to drag himself out of the pits of his self-induced has-been status for about the 10th time in his relatively short life?
And we can be sure that Sheen will make yet another come back.
Because Americans are so hungry for more mind-numbing entertainment that they just can’t say “No” for long.
According to the Associated Press report on the TV program to promote other TV programs by handing out phoney-baloney awards, “Charlie Sheen turned a surprise appearance on the Emmys into a platform to offer his blessing to his old series.
“He was on hand Sunday night as presenter of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, which he wryly described as ‘my old category.’
“But the actor, who had a rancorous parting last season from ‘Two and a Half Men,’ took a moment before reading the nominees to wish his former series well.
“‘From the bottom of my heart,’ he said, ‘I wish you nothing but the best for this upcoming season. We spent eight wonderful years together and I know you will continue to make great television.’”
Americans have long ago proven that no matter how they are abused, insulted, told they are stupid hicks, no matter how much the industry insults and degrades them, their standards and their alleged beliefs, they will some back to the slop trough for more and more and more.
So don’t worry.
Charlie Sheen will be back, just as soon as the right plan to get into your pockets is firmed up.
Hey, you asked for it!
— Chuck Smith