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You only think food is more expensive
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American didn’t know just how lucky they were.
According to our sage national gurus, Americans don’t have inflation.
Not so, the rest of the world.
Across most of the world — just NOT in America, remember — they are having problems with (sorry, for the dirty word) inflation.
Yes, unlike America where all that good, quality, low calorie, high fiber, federally-approved diet is cheaper than ever, the rest of the world is facing food inflation. And it ain’t funny, either.
According to the Association Press: “Inflation is climbing across Asia as the cost of food jumps, echoing the previous global food crisis that peaked in 2008. While people in the U.S. and other wealthy Western nations will barely feel the effects of higher prices, getting enough to eat is a big challenge for tens of millions in Asia. Poor families typically spend more than half their household income on food and are bearing the brunt.
“Wary of potential unrest, governments are trying to keep food price inflation from spilling into the rest of the economy. Officials face a tough dilemma as they raise interest rates to dampen inflation. Too fast and it will choke off economic growth, too slow and the problem could spiral out of control.
“The World Bank says global food prices have hit ‘dangerous levels’ after jumping 29 percent overall in the past year. It estimates costlier corn, wheat — and oil — have pushed 44 million people into extreme poverty since June.
“The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization says food costs have reached an historic high but recent good harvests are staving off the kind of food emergency felt in 2008, when shortages and skyrocketing prices caused riots in poor nations.
“Other experts fear that the worst is not over yet.”
Except in America, of course.
As we have been told, repeatedly, by our wonderful, wise national experts, we are NOT experiencing food inflation here.
Just because you think you are paying more now than you did a year ago; just because you are mistakenly believing that your paycheck isn’t going as far as it used to; you are wrong.
The rest of the world is facing food inflation.
We just need to invest in more green, leafy vegetables. You know, like crabgrass.
— Chuck Smith