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You're in the Army now
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Bradley Manning doesn’t get special consideration because his mum’s from Great Britain.
But then, if we were going to argue what Bradley deserves, wouldn’t it be fair to suggest that he really deserves more than normal punishment, since he not only betrayed what was supposed to be his nation, but also his employer?
Bradley is the little boy — oh, wait, he’s actually an adult and an enlisted member of the United States Army, isn’t he?
That’s right.
He’s not just some bad little boy who oopsied and made a mistake.
He’s a soldier in the pay of Uncle Sam who responded to the trust placed in him by stabbing America in the back and betraying the confidence that was placed in him.
Now Amnesty International is trying to get British officials to pressure the U.S. to remove Manning from maximum-security confinement because his mother is Welsh.
The Brits, by the way, have not taken up his cause, and it’s been determined that Manning does not have “dual citizenship.”
The only citizenship that matters in this case is his membership in the Army, a choice that Manning made — after all, it IS an all volunteer service.
His betrayal of this nation in turning over sensitive material to the terrorist who orchestrated the “WikiLeaks” fiasco has brought him to his current shameful predicament.
We’re not talking about some high-minded freedom fighter here.
He turned on his nation and he spat on the oath he took as a soldier in this nation’s service.
He deserves to be right where he is — and worse.
— Chuck Smith